ReUpholstery  Services

Good quality furniture has an endless future in the hands of an upholstery craftsman.  With a little TLC, some redesigning and creativity we can turn your piece into something you love again. 
Our years of experience will help you transform your quality furniture by:
  • Re-styling, repairing you frame or spring work
  • Refinishing or replacing legs to update the look
  • Exchanging foam cushioning, padding or feather fills
  • Selecting new fabric and accent cushions    
Over the years we have been trying to educate the consumer about the need to save quality furniture from landfill and beware of throw away furniture.  Furniture is the 6th largest contributor to solid waste.  Hopefully the current emphasis on the environment will enhance the stature of reupholstering as the best and smartest choice if we truly care about the environment.                                    
Granted the cost of reupholstering may meet the cost of new inexpensive furniture but you are also buying the freedom of choice and the assurance of a fine long lasting product.  The secret is to look past the out dated cover and style, and have a professional upholsterer give your furniture a current look and new life.